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2014-07-21 03:34:24 by andrewstelevisionNG

So here in Lithuania, the goverment is thinking about legalizing Weed.

If they will make Weed legal, guess what I'ma gonna do :D

4744449_140592804831_c2e70286f3b907c8639acc03b5808629.jpgJk lol


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2014-07-21 05:14:08

Oh snoop...

(Updated ) andrewstelevisionNG responds:



2014-07-21 04:58:04

no corn fields anymore. weed fields all over the places. relax sis

andrewstelevisionNG responds:

Yeah nigga :D


2014-07-21 04:56:28

outrageous!! marijuana is a gateway drug of the worst kind. I sincerely hope this is some kind of sick joke.

andrewstelevisionNG responds:

Please, read the whole post, in the bottom you can see 2 letters "jk". It stands for "just kidding".