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What is wrong with me?

2014-08-17 04:12:48 by andrewstelevisionNG

Every day is just the same, I wake up, go outside, play football nad smoke every once in a while, nothings new.

Of course, we talk with friends, laugh together, but it's just the same.

My whole life, I wanted to be like today, but as I grown and became what I wanted, I see

that it's nothing special, it's just getting boring.... Not sure if it is getting boring or is this depression...



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2014-08-18 09:37:06

I think asking such a questions is showing that you are making progress, growing and understanding the world better, wanting more from life than just a routine (24/7 work)

andrewstelevisionNG responds:

That made me feel better already :)


2014-08-18 07:18:07

Everyone gets that feeling every once in a while, It'll pass dude :D

andrewstelevisionNG responds:

Thanks man.


2014-08-17 06:42:14

Dont be bad for me but... in my opinion several kids will help You discover right path:)

andrewstelevisionNG responds:

I really hope so.